Hosting Must Have

The Perfect Hosting Solution All Included!
Disk Space (Raid Storage) UNLIMITED
Data Transfer / Bandwidth UNLIMITED
Load Balanced TechnologyTM

Website Access / Control All Included!
Member Operations Control Panel
DNS Management (A records, Cnames, MX records)
Sub-Domains (
24x7 FTP Access, Unlimited FTP Users (separate directories)
Web-Based File Manager
Password Protect Directories
Custom Error Pages (403,404, and 500)
SnapShot Instant Click and Restore Daily Backups
Rock Solid Unix Platform

Script Instant Installer - Better Than Fantastico! All Included!
Gallery 2

Supported Software All Included!
PHP4 & PHP5 w/Zend Optimizer, Perl5, Sendmail
CGI-BIN, SSI, .htaccess, Cronjobs
Flash, Shockwave, Midi, Multimedia Support

Marketing Tools All Included!
$100 Google AdWords Bonus 
$100 Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search Credits
$50 Facebook Ad Credits
Free Listing
Free Toll-Free Phone Number (US Only) 

Database All Included!
MySQL Databases 75
Daily Database Backups

Web Statistics & Logs All Included!
Webalizer & AwStats Web Statistics
Bandwidth Report
Access, Error and Referral Logs; Raw Log Files
Real-Time Logging

Email Service All Included!
WebMail Access (secure login)
Email Forwarding/Email Aliases Unlimited
Spam Filters (allow/block & Greylisting features)
DNS Text Record/SMTP+SPF

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